What is the proper way to use EyeGlo eye drops?

  • Thoroughly wash your hands before applying.
  • Do not touch the dropper with your finger, eye or anything else.
  • Lie down or tilt your head back.
  • Pull your lower eyelid down with one finger to form a pocket.
  • Use 2 - 3 drops in each eye as required.

I spend long hours in front of a computer and my eyes feel tired and strained. Which EyeGlo product would help?

  • EyeGlo Moist. It is a non-oily lubricant eye solution that moisturises, comforts and refreshes eyes that have become dry, tired and strained. It is developed as a tear- compatible ophthalmic lubricant that will function well when mixed with natural tears.

My eyes are swollen and sore. Which EyeGlo product should I use?

  • EyeGlo Relief is specially formulated to soothe both sore and swollen eyes. It helps to calm eyes that are sore due to exposure to dust, wind or chlorine from swimming.

How many times can I use it in a day?

  • Use 3 - 4 times a day or as required.

Can I use eye drops every day?

  • Only EyeGlo Plus and Regular are suitable for daily use.

Which EyeGlo product can I use with my contact lenses on?

  • EyeGlo Moist. It is compatible with contact lenses.

Once I open a bottle of eye drop, how long can I keep it?

  • Do not keep it for more than a month after seal has been opened.